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The following personal testimonials have been provided by participants in Salient Surveys, who received a free report of the survey data:
James Riches
Technical Area Lead Analytical Chemistry, DSTL,
Porton Down, UK.
"I found the survey easy to follow and very worthwhile completing for the time invested. It allowed me to benchmark our capability against a wide range of other users and informed me of general trends in the industry. The survey results were also of value to me personally (continuing professional development)."
Dr. Scient Pedro Araujo
Senior Scientist, Nasjonalt institutt for ernærings- og sjømatfors-kning, Norway
"You and your staff are to be congratulated on an excellent job in presenting a great deal of information in a very clear and comprehensive way. I do believe that instrument providers should pay attention to your report and start thinking on what it is really important for the scientific community working with mass spectrometry."
Dr. Ákos Végvári
Biomedical Center,
Lund University, Sweden
Actually, I have looked into the survey and found it very useful in several ways! First of all, I was surprised by the detailed information you have collected and presented in an easy to understand manner. I liked the chart pie representation that provides a fast overview of each category. It was interesting to see how mass spectrometers are used in general but personally, I found this survey very useful to judge the field of instrumentation and applications so even new purchase of instrument is easier based on the survey. I think you did a great job! It is also important to me to see that time spent on the survey was worth it, I got more back than invested in.

Dr. Antonio Triolo

Head of the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry Menarini Ricerche Spa, Italy
"I think that the basic factor of success of this survey is its completeness (all aspects of the technique and its applications are covered), and most of all the sharing of the results with the contributors, with the report you sent. I found the report useful: a good occasion for knowing many aspects of the world of mass spectrometry, also outside my field of application. Obviously, the report is especially useful for manufacturers and  MS-based software developers. I don't have any special suggestions to make: I only say that , in the future, I will participate with pleasure to a new survey."
Dr Alicja Kluczyk
Head, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, University of Wrocław, Poland
"It is a great work, the collection of information from over 500 participants gives a substantial insight into the present state of mass spectrometry. The future trends are also taking shape quite well. The report provides resources for people who plan to train or work in MS labs, and should be considered as a guideline by people responsible for professional training in this area. The benefits for MS industry are quite obvious, and, as an end-user, I hope that some help with challenging samples is coming."

Prof Mahmoud Tabrizchi

Department of Food Science and Technology, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran.
"To me the survey was designed carefully. It covers almost everything. However, in some cases it goes too much on detail."
Robert Johnson
Senior Group Leader, AT Mass Spectrometry, Abbott laboratories, US.
"As a reference, participation was very simple.  I don't see any obvious ways to make it easier, some time is going to be involved.  It may be helpful to emphasize that the results will be helpful to survey participants as they make MS-based decisions."
Dr. Jean-Francois Greisch,
Visiting Scientist,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
"As a scientist doing instrumentation as well as fundamental research, the present report may help me identify areas of collaboration and research directions most likely to be funded, being relevant to large communities. I particularly liked the innovation part."



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