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Salient Surveys are completed by laboratory and clinical end-users who share their knowledge and experience in their specialist areas. Recent surveys include PCR, flow cytometry, DNA Microarray and mass spectrometry, disease biomarkers and DNA sequencing. Participants in these surveys receive the findings free of charge, for their own use.

Salient Surveys examine the most pertinent subject areas of each specialised fields surveyed, to ensure findings are of the greatest relevance and value to end-users.


Primary study question areas focus on current practices, techniques, methods applications and instrumentation, enabling laboratory scientists and clinicians to compare their own practices with others in their field. Other questions investigate recent innovation, new applications, emerging methods, success areas, current challenges and limitations and a number of other areas.
Participants are encouraged to give open and candid responses to survey questions. This ensures that these studies reflect “real world” views, rather than based on the opinions of those who have a particular bias or vested interest. 


Salient Surveys makes considerable effort to ensure the “independence” of survey participants to avoid manufacturer bias.  Only those participants who provide an ‘independent’ and verified business email address will be considered as report contributors.



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