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Knowledge Sharing

Salient Surveys was established to bring together latest information on techniques, methods and applications used in life science laboratories and clinics, and to share these findings with relevant groups to assist the development of more effective, creative and cost-efficient solutions. These activities are supported by in-depth surveys of current and evolving laboratory and clinical practices. The findings of these studies also assist innovators and developers to better understand and support end-user needs.

'Real World' Findings

The growth of life science instrumentation and methods, as well as increasing specialisation and complexity, creates growing needs for end-users to share their knowledge and experience. This helps end-users to keep up-to-date with current and emerging practices and to identify new opportunities. Innovation often focuses on the most lucrative markets, while opportunities with great potential may be overlooked. or slow to develop. Therefore, sharing 'real world' findings on how methods perform in practice, and their strengths and weaknesses, provides the evidence that innovators need to better understand and support the 'real world' needs of end-users.

Salient Surveys

Salient Surveys' activities evolved from a life science consultancy set up by John Bates Ph.D., in 2002. After 20 years in life science laboratories, John experienced first-hand the technical challenges faced by scientists, and the importance of knowledge-sharing.

Salient Forum
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